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Las Vegas


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We had a good time in Las Vegas. We're planning on going down for 2001-2002, and would like to invite everyone along. The more the merrier. We figure we could get a room at the Wild Wild West for about $100 a night, and split it 8 or 12 ways = CHEAP and FUN.

While we were there, we sold our Car and bought a Honda Accord, which we're quite pleased with. It was fun driving it home to Ogden, and then home again to Moscow (7+12=19 Hours!!!).

We didn't gamble at all (had a bad experience in Wendover once and lost like $30 - we've called it quits forever now!), so there isn't any news regarding gains or losses.

The coolest part about new years had to be walking up and down the street. I'd estimate (and I'm probably off about 50K) there were like 200,000 people in the streets. It was crazy. We walked around for a few hours after the new year, and ate breakfast at the Frontier at about 5 a.m.

It was neat.

Here are some random pic's from our trip to Las Vegas this Winter Break.


Magen with the unleaded, Gif' and Nat' with the firewater slurpee

Magen jumped on a newspaper stand to see the view, and the guys started cheering . . .

I took this picture after some ladies copied Magen and taunted the men with their goods (see photo page 2 for details!)

Magen and Nat' Qeueing up for the Restroom